About us

The American Muslim TV was founded in 2015 by Dr. Ahmed Ghanim with the mission of offering good, quality Muslim programming at anytime, from anywhere, to satiate the growing thirst for quality shows that don’t just entertain, but also feed the viewers beneficial knowledge and inspiration. This is the first online American Muslim TV provider. We aim to transform the perception of Islam to the world, and present a more accurate representation of Muslim values through positive programming. The power of television and the internet is undeniable and we aim to utilize that platform for a greater good. We operate very similarly to Netflix and other online streaming services that allow viewers to select their own programming rather than restrict themselves to content that is offered by local cable providers. It drives a truer Muslim narrative forward by projecting the voices that are buried away by Islamophobic media outlets. We strive to offer a platform that is much needed in this new world for Muslim Voices to propel a healthier image of Islam to the world.