The Linda Sarsour Show | Ep. 008 | #StillSanders ?


Bubble's Trailer Park Boys

By the way, go live in the Middle East and see if you can handle how women are treated. Go on, go to the Middle East for 12 months. You won't last little coward.

Bubble's Trailer Park Boys

Leave America, you traitor. You open your pie hole for attention and money. A typical leftist evil witch you are. Go away. America doesn't want you. Go to mommy to get attention and suck your thumb and sit int he corner. You haven't grown up. You love being hated. You get off on it. From a woman. Oh, by the way, you claim you want to help women. They why do you want female mutation? You better get yours done before you want others to get it done. Hypocrite witch!

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